Yep… For real. I got freaking married! :)

July 9 · · Taken at Van Nuys Courthouse
Just a few pics from our wedding at Van Nuys courthouse and our little dinner after. We’re going to have another proper wedding at our house once we can afford it, redo the vows and have a little party after, but this was still a very nice day.

Including our dinner and champagne for us and our 12 guests at one of our favorite Valley Pizza joints, Lido’s Pizza on Victory and Sepulveda, our total cost to get married was only about $400. Hopefully one of these day I can afford to get her a real wedding, but for now this works and we couldn’t hold off any longer. I never thought I’d get married again, but I love her dearly, she makes me very VERY happy and I am a VERY lucky man. The future is bright.

My son Dakotah missed the wedding by only one day, but he’ll be there for the do over if things go well and I find some work soon.

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Promo for Canadian Actor, Writer, Producer Sheldon Charron’s, Feature Film CORNERED


Here’s a new short promo for my feature film CORNERED.  Hope you like it.

Sheldon Charon, jon charron, canadian, actor, writer, producer, winnipeg

sheldon charron, jon charron, canadian, writer, canada, hollywood, winnipeg, manitoba, los angles, actor, screenplay, thriller, horror, movies.

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Newest Two Minute Drama Reel

Sheldon Charron Actor Reel

It’s been three years since I sold everything and left Winnipeg for Vancouver, and then to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing full time.  It’s been pretty scary burning up my life savings going back to school, training, making my own films, and just surviving while hoping to get my break.  I’m still struggling and running out of money fast, but I’m getting very close to making my first feature film, and I’m very hopeful that I’ll get cast for something big very soon….at least before I’m completely broke. Below is a video with some of the best clips from just some of the great films I’ve worked on.  It would be a dream come true to be able to afford to keep doing this kind of work.  I hope and pray every day that I’ll be able to keep going.

I’ve worked with so many great people and am grateful for the friends I’ve made in the industry and in every day life in all the places I’ve been.  I’ve also had some great compliments from Studio Execs, Directors, Producers and fellow actors.  Here are a couple:

Sheldon Charron is the real thing. Not only did he nail the audition and callback, he was extremely easy to work with – taking direction and accepting and appreciating ideas. Of all the actors we saw for the lead, he was the one guy who actually brought a living presence and genuine honesty to the role. It was thrilling to see him work.

- Harry Cason, Writer/Director, A Fireman’s Pledge

Sheldon’s acting first caught my attention because of his naturalism and spot on comedic timing…Sheldon is that rare breed of actor that possesses that extra something – call it charisma, star quality, whatever you want…he has it.

- David Gott, Director – Sushi Chef vs. iPad

In addition, I’m also continuing to write, Produce, Direct and film my own projects with my own gear.  Please like my videos and my IMDB and Facebook pages and follow me on Twitter. Thanks!

Comm. Agent: Susan Havins, Sovereign Talent Group: 310.474.4000
Managed by: Drea Gamble, The Robb Co.: 323.377.4128

Sheldon is Currently Seeking a Theatrical Agent and A Literary Agent.

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Interviewing The Big Fish At Fishermen’s Spot


Fishermen's Spot

Last weekend, I had the chance to host an event for Fishermen’s Spot, a fly fishing store in Van Nuys that’s over 40 years young.  And it just so happens that it’s located just blocks away from where I live.  There were a ton of great vendors there and I talked with many of them, who had everything from custom made bamboo rods to hand made nets and hand tied lures.  It was a great couple of days and I’ve since gone out fishing with Hardy Rep and guide, David Wratchford, and shot an episode of my, as yet untitled, fly fishing show that will be marketed as a tourism vehicle for the state of California.

Fishermen’s Spot

Sierra Nets:

Fraser Mountain:

Robert Bolt Custom Cane Poles:


Salty Fly Guide Service:

Kane Classics:

Cane Loops:

You can learn more about Fishermen’s Spot by visiting their website.

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A 5 Minute Investment Every Filmmaker & Screenwriter Needs to Make

Kevin Spacey delivers the 2013 MacTaggart lecture in Edinburgh

The video clip below is 5 minutes, cut from Kevin Spacey’s nearly one hour speech at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

He spoke at length about the future of television and film, Pilot season, pitching, Netflix and his uber successful show, House of Cards which was a collbarotaion with David Fincher, director of Fightclub, Se7en and many others.

Clearly the success of the Netflix model — releasing the entire season of House Of Cards at once — has proved one thing: the audience wants control. They want freedom. If they want to binge — as they’ve been doing on House Of Cards — then we should let them binge.

If you’re a screenwriter, filmmaker or even an executive with a major studio or production company, you do not want to miss this video.  Watch it.  Watch it again. Then think about it long and hard.

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