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Un-Do Influence Hit Sitcom!  Mr. Bean meets MadMen meets The Office

The main character, Jerry, is a brilliant, passive-aggressive copywriter with an advertising agency. His mother loved commercials and was addicted to buying things off TV. Ironically, Jerry ended up in advertising. He hates his job, but stays because it’s the one thing he’s really good at and it pays well. Clients love Jerry, but his boss hates him and would love to fire him…but can’t. Jerry hates that his words and ideas are being used to sell crap, so he finds ways to equalize things by sabotaging his own campaigns and clients. He’s pretty weird, so his boss and co-workers pick on him quite a bit, but he’s the type of guy who just takes it all in. Little do they know that Jerry will find ways to secretly get back at them…

Un-Do Influence TV SitcomFor over a year I’ve been developing the sitcom and finally have it ready to pitch it at the American Film Market in Santa Monica November 2nd – 9th, 2011. If it doesn’t sell there, I plan to shoot it in Vancouver when I get back, but hopefully I get some interest and can make it bigger and better with a little help from new friends.

The pilot script, synopsis, character breakdowns, story and character arcs are available if interested.  Protected by US Copyright, WGC 2010-2011 and WGA# 1536704.

The Storyboards Are Here!

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  1. mmmph says:

    Heys, heya, thanks for the great article dude!

  2. Christan says:

    Awesome!!! I hope you get to be BIG! and i hope ur show goes good!

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